A Polynesian Tradition

Our Family Tradition

Carving is one of the oldest and most traditional ways in which Polynesian culture was preserved and passed on from generation to generation. Before Polynesian’s were colonized and taught the English language, symbolism and art were how we stored our history.

Through carving, a families genealogy could be traced like a journal. Carvings would represent family crest, accomplishments, and experiences in life. Each symbol or design has a meaning and a story. At times these symbols were influenced by pure instinct and connection to all livings things on earth, while many other designs were passed down from generation to generation.

Carving is a spiritual experience for me, as I know it is my calling in life to share the stories and heritage of my ancestry. It is my humble contribution to preserving and teaching our ways as an Indigenous People of Polynesia. I continue sharing these traditions through my art work and by teaching my children to be the next generation of carvers. Thank for sharing in this art, history, and cultural traditions with me.

-Benjamin Muti