Ka Makau Nui O Maui (The Big Hook Of Maui)


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A popular Hawaiian legend tells of Maui — a Polynesian God who once attempted to
pull up an entire continent from beneath the ocean using only a fish hook. When his
brothers (who were paddling the canoe) looked up and saw what he was doing, Maui’s
fish hook snapped and his efforts were thwarted. This is how the Hawaiian Islands were
born. When the fish hook flew up into the sky, it became Ka Makau Nui O Maui — the
constellation also known as Scorpius.

This very same tale is told across the different Islands in the South Pacific: Hawaii,
Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand and more. Each island has a claim to a certain hook style
influenced by the hooks they use for fishing. Though they may look different they are all
called Maui hooks.

Because these hooks are named after the God Maui, they represent strength,
prosperity, abundance, fertility, good luck and safe passage over water. These hooks
are worn with the open side facing either left or right. A leftward facing hook signifies
one’s inner strength to heal others, a rightward facing hook symbolizes the ability to
heal yourself. It is also one of the symbols that is given as a passage of becoming one
with nature.