Carved from Tradition

Inspired by Aloha

A Polynesian History

Makau Nui is named after the Constellation known as Ka Makau Nui ‘o Maui (The Big Hook of Maui) also known as the Scorpius. It is a legend of the God who pulled the Islands out of the South Pacific Ocean.

Carving is a big part of our culture and my family’s heritage. As a child it was normal for us island children to carve as a hobby. As Islanders, it is our duty to teach our children what our culture has to offer. That is why I am excited to pass on the gift from our ancestors by teaching my sons and sharing this artwork with you.

Traditional materials, including sword fish bill, marlin bill, abalone shells, cattle bone, and wood are used for all of my carvings. Each piece you see is unique and carries with it the history of my people.

-Benjamin Muti

Featured Pieces

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